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Portrait Photography: Dani's New Look

Recently, Dani contacted me to ask if I would photograph her new look -  she had shaved her head. Of course I jumped at the chance. Not only does she have a great look but the variety of shots she was looking for meant this was going to be an epic shoot.

Given Dani's broad skill base she wanted different looks which could be used professionally in her role as singer/songwriter, in her other commercial work and also privately, to give Dani and her new wife Jenny some lovely shots to share.

She arrived with cases full of outfits, I had oodles of ideas and we had a good few hours to create the shots. Luckily, hair styling wasn't going to be an issue, which cut down on prep time. We started with clean, simple shots and finished off with the messier glitter, fire and water ideas. Lighting over a hundred candles for one image took far longer than I had imagined but was well worth it for the end result.

Dani was more than happy to get creative and try a variety of props, poses and looks - she certainly brought enough creative ideas that, when combined with my ideas, there was no way we would run out. While Dani zipped in and out of outfits, I rearranged lights and modifiers to give different feels to the images. Bryan Jay came in near the end to assist, and he kindly lent me his wide-angle lens which worked perfectly for two specific images. I tend to have ambitious concepts in my head and I'm not always sure how feasible they are, but when they work, it's magical :)

Below is a sample slideshow of the looks we created - please watch in FULLSCREEN for the best effect!