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Indoors and Outdoors Portraits

In my line of work it's important to keep pushing yourself and trying new things because there's always more to learn and discover. When creating portraits, it's crucial that you experiment with different looks, lights and angles because, when you get it right, you can produce something wonderful.

For this reason, I booked a fiercely creative model I had worked with before - AKIKO - for a studio photoshoot. I chose to use the infinity cove at The Brighton Media Centre, giving me a fabulous, clean, seamless white backdrop and a large space to work with. I already had a very clear idea of the kind of portraits I wanted to capture which, when you have lights to set up and arrange, is always helpful. Of course, things naturally evolve and you must embrace this as it can help take your ideas to a new level.

Never one to keep my feet on the ground, my particular goal for this session was a levitation shot. I explained the idea to Akiko, who was very keen and refused to quit until we had nailed the shot - this level of commitment is wonderful and makes it all worthwhile. I firmly believe that if you are going to go to the effort of hiring a model and developing a concept, you should strive to get the best from the situation, as you may not get the chance again.

Once we were happy with the result, we moved on to other ideas, saving the messy shot until the end. It was a pleasure work with such a wonderful model and I look forward to our collaborating again.

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Having completed an indoor shoot, I looked for an opportunity to shoot outdoors and the perfect chance arose when I spotted that a beautiful young model - Nicola Maria was visiting Brighton from Nottingham and wanted to model for some shots while she was here. The weather wasn't good - it rained and the sky was moody but what can you do? The show must go on, so we turned the threatening skies to our favour, using them as a dramatic backdrop. As Nicola braved the cold I directed her through a series of poses and snapped away.

I was ably assisted by Michael Lank (a friend and fellow photographer), and I must say it helps enormously to have someone on hand to hold reflectors and to offer ideas. We shot under the cover of the arches on Madeira Drive which gave us at least some protection from the elements. After working the location it was time to head back home and start editing which, in this day and age, is a big part of the process.

I am very happy with the end results and would like to do much more of this work - frequency and repetition help hone my skills. If you would like to book a portrait session with me, get in touch.