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Return to Centre Stage Makeup Studio

I was kindly invited back to Centre Stage Makeup Studio to photograph the student's final exam pieces.

The sun was shining, the models had arrived and the pressure was on for the five students to complete the looks for their final exam. The students were being graded on how well they created five different makeup effects in an allotted time frame. The exam tested their range from applying light 'daytime' makeup to special effects such as ageing a person and adding facial hair.

As an addition I also got to photograph a previous student, Georgie, who had not been able at the time to complete her special effects module, so while she got busy creating her alien look, Abe Sapien (from Hellboy), I photographed some 'behind the scenes' of the look coming together. The model inside of the costume did an amazing job as it took 3 hours applying the layers of hand-made latex pieces. Once all the components were in place, Georgie started airbrushing in the colour elements. Then it was outside for some quick shots in the blistering heat, I can only imagine how the poor model must have felt inside the outfit, so rather than punish her further, we cracked on getting the shots needed for Georgie's portfolio.

Personally, I thought all the students did an amazing job and it was really good to see them produce the goods when needed. I am confident that all the girls on the course have a bright future ahead of them.

Below is just a sample of the work they produced for the exam. Feel free to leave comments of encouragement for them or to book them simply leave your details and I will pass them on ;)