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Project: Week 8 - Abstract

This week's theme was one I was looking forward to yet at the same time concerned about. Making an abstract image is simple enough, but it still needs to be interesting and I'm always thinking about how to push it before it becomes a mess.

To begin with I looked around the kitchen for interesting shapes and forms. I played with a colander, shooting it in a variety of ways but abandoned the idea, knowing I could do better. Eventually I decided to buy some interestingly shaped and patterned vegetables. I knew that ultimately I was going to make these black and white images - that made me think more about the image itself, and removed colour distractions as there would have been with the red cabbage shown above. What I particularly like about the cabbage is that it reminds me of a dissected brain or of squashed-up intestines - not the most pleasant images perhaps, but I don't see a red cabbage!


I then turned my attention to another vegetable, cut it in two and started thinking about light and shadows, texture and interest. After a while I found the angle I was happiest with and created the image above. I think that the delicate softness of the bottom of the image works well to balance the hardness of the lines, and helps to create a wonderful capture.

Did I stop there? No! I wanted an image that was even more abstract than the ones I already had and there is always something more you can do if you are willing to push further and try harder. I knew I wanted something simple but visually interesting, so I searched the kitchen for something which would fit the bill, and there is was! Again I played around with angles, light and shape and eventually pushed the abstract concept just far enough for my liking. In the words of Rolf Harris "Can you tell what it is yet?"

Here’s the finished image for Week 8.

It's all a blur
It's all a blur