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Project: Week 15 & 16 - Art & Glass

This will be a double post as, yet again, I have fallen behind with this project. Other things have got in the way, which you can read about in another post ;)However, I did put some extra energy and thought into the following images - I hope you can tell.


My original concept for this was to be a doughnut nailed to a wall with jam (representing blood) dripping out of it. However, I played with and developed the idea and came up with something I thought was more interesting - creating Binary Art. For those who don't know, binary is computer machine code made up of ones and zeros - typically seen in strings like this: 1011010001001. I did a little research and worked out how to spell out 'ART' in binary code. I bought a mixture of round and cream doughnuts to symbolise the 0 and the 1. For added interest, I took a bite out of the last doughnut, which made me consider changing the name of the piece to '24 bits and a byte' - another reference to computers  - hey, I'm a 21st century boy! :)

Anyhow, I set to work on my composition and my design and voilà ...

Here’s the finished image for Week 15.

Binary Art
Binary Art


This idea behind this was simple enough, take three wine glasses (things just look better in threes), clean the glasses, arrange them in an interesting manner and photograph them. After trying various angles and layouts for the glasses, I chose a nice simple clean angle, but to bring in another element of interest I decided to use flash and gels for a splash of colour. After experimenting, I decided the blue gel worked best, and using one light kept the process simple but effective.

I moved the flash alternately closer and further away from the background, which made the colour dropoff  stronger or softer - the brightness of the flash gave it a rich deep blue or a pale pastel blue, so after more positioning and repositioning, I found the point I liked and a suitable tone. Even though I had cleaned the glasses, I still had some work to do in Photoshop because I could see dust and scratches. I removed these to make the image cleaner.

For the final effect, I think the effort was worth it.

Here’s the finished image for Week 16.

Blue glasses in a row
Blue glasses in a row