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Project: Week 7 - Bold

My skills are really being tested at the moment - I am learning to cook what I want to photograph, and then trying to style it so it looks good within the frame.

I'm sure there are ways of making this easier on myself, but where would the challenge be in that?! Some dishes I have prepared haven't made it to camera yet, but I have enjoyed making and eating them nonetheless. I am sure that once I feel I have a dish nailed, it will grace these pages.

For this week's theme - BOLD - it was mainly a matter of deciding what bold is. Is it a flavour? Is it a shape? Is it a statement? Is it colour? Of course it could be any and all of those things, but I chose colour. I went for that mostly because I have a wonderful little purple frying pan I wanted to photograph, which also happened to suit this theme. Purple itself is a bold enough colour but to give it some extra vibrancy I put it with its complimentary colour, yellow.

I just needed to cook an egg (simple enough, according to Delia!), then choose an angle to shoot from and create the image you see below. For added interest, I dropped in the shell.

Here's the finished image for Week 7.

A fried egg in a purple frying pan
A fried egg in a purple frying pan