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Project: Week 2 - Circular

After some deliberation, I have decided to make this challenge slightly more interesting. Each week will still have its own individual theme, but the overall theme will now be food & drink. So by the end of the year I will have a collection of interesting and appetizing food and drink-based shots instead of just random images. This will without doubt push me harder and force me to be more creative, not only photographically but also in the kitchen.

Food is considered one of the toughest subjects to photograph because it's difficult to make an image that will whet your appetite and look fresh and enticing, while also dealing with the added challenge of needing to shoot quickly to stop the food drying out, going limp, melting or generally falling apart. For this reason there are LOTS of tricks used when photographing food. Motor oil, spray deodorant, hairspray, white glue, brown shoe polish - these are all used to produce a lot of the images we see in advertising. However, rather than taking this approach, I am going to shoot real food, using real ingredients.


I am sure we have all seen the typical images used by fast food establishments to encourage us to buy their products, only to order one and receive something that looks, well ... disappointing, to say the least! I would like my food to taste and look appetizing in reality, not just in print.

Of course, the food itself is only one part of the overall image, so for the past week I have been collecting a variety of plates, dishes, utensils etc. If you have any "kitchen props" that you no longer use and would like to see them put to good use, do let me know ;)

This week the theme was 'circular' so I sourced a selection of appropriate fruits to shoot and chose suitable plates and backgrounds to add additional interest. Again, I ended up taking several variations on each shot. I am happy enough with the final image although my aim to reshoot it before posting was scuppered by a lack of time.

Here is the chosen image for Week 2.

A bowl of blueberries
A bowl of blueberries