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Project: Week 12 - Fun

As a child I was served tasteless dishes, was constantly told to stop playing with my food and that I had to eat it all before I could leave the table. This did nothing to make me feel engaged with or connected to food, and maybe this why I have such a bad relationship with it.


Having said that, I have tried to tackle these issues by learning to cook, understand flavours better and challenge my taste buds by trying different foods. Admittedly, those 'different foods' are usually biscuits and cakes, but hey, I'm trying :P

To help me on my food journey, I now watch quite a few cookery programs, and there are plenty of them to choose from! Since my favourite, MasterChef, finished I have been  looking for something new and I recently stumbled across Rachel Khoo's show. Rachel is a Croydon-born cook who runs a table-for-two restaurant in her Paris studio flat. She seems to be the new Nigella, flirting with the camera and using her seductive Parisian charms to their fullest extent. Her cooking has a rough and ready feel to it, much like Jamie Oliver's approach but with added lipstick. I was particularly inspired by her "Croque Madame muffins", which looked divine and which I will certainly be trying - truly indulgent cooking, in which “les calories” exist, but don't matter ;)

That aside, and back to the matter in hand, there are few things in life which really make you feel like a child; splashing in puddles, throwing snowballs and playing with your food. So when the opportunity to do any of those things comes along, I believe you should seize it - let's face it, life's too serious! One of the simplest ways to play with food is to make shapes. Not just shapes, though, how about words? Well, thanks to Heinz Alphabetti Spaghetti, it's not only possible but fun (if a bit messy). There were numerous words and slogans I could have used but instead I kept the message plain and simple.

Here’s the finished image for Week 12.

Alphabetti Spaghetti
Alphabetti Spaghetti