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Project: Week 4 - Hi-Key

For this week's project, HI-KEY, I had a fun idea but I didn't quite manage to pull it off, suffering a few breakages in the process of trying.

Before I get on to the image itself, let me explain what Hi-Key is. Hi-Key is a technique characterised by the dominance of bright tones, and the suppression (if not absence) of contrast and shadow - the challenge for the photographer is not to blow all the detail by over-exposing. These images can be quite stunning and tend to have almost ethereal qualities.

To get the best results, use white on white. For example, a white chopping board (background) with a garlic clove, a cauliflower or some cheese. It doesn't have to be food, of course - anything that is light in colour will work. I chose an egg, mainly because of its simplicity and versatility. The fact that it's easy to recognise helps too. Note to self though, always use hard-boiled eggs!

Here is my favourite image for Week 4.

Hi-Key Egg
Hi-Key Egg