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Project: Week 14 - Old

Before I begin, allow me to preface this week's post by saying that I knew in advance that this theme was coming up. Having realised that the venue I was at would be ideal for the theme, I was able to shoot with that specific idea in mind. The theme is "Old".

In the time it takes you to read this post, you could have popped into the kitchen, filled your new shiny electric filter kettle and made a steaming hot cup of tea to enjoy. Well, in medieval times, not only would you not be reading my ramblings on the internet (whatever that is), but you would also be waiting a lot longer for that cup of tea. A trip to the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum was an eye-opener to days gone by. At the museum they have deconstructed houses of historic interest, brick by brick and, in some instances stick by stick, transported them to the museum and rebuilt them, at the same time restoring them to their original glory.  Each house held its own surprises and photo opportunities, from old-fashioned beds to jars of wonderment on dusty shelves. The village itself is home to an impressive array of artefacts which furnish the houses, the workshops and surrounding land.

Entering the houses was like walking into the past. The tiny main room of the two-room Toll Cottage featured a large fireplace and I was particularly drawn to the beautiful cast-iron kettle that hung there, just waiting for the tollkeeper's wife to start boiling the water for the hot broth on a cold day. The way the light caught it and the dark shadows cast on its surface were very appealing.

Each house is from a different era with the main attraction being the Bayleaf Medieval Farmstead, a huge and impressive family home. In the hall, the table was laid with wonderful urns and platters (as you can see from the featured image). I could just imagine a large group of farm workers sitting down to a well-deserved feast of meat, cheese and bread there.

If you have a day free, I do suggest you spend it exploring the site.

Here’s the finished image for Week 14.

Old Kettle hanging
Old Kettle hanging