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Project: Week 6 - Power

It's always a challenge when making a photograph - what to put in, what to leave out, how to convey your message. It is rarely just point and shoot! There were several obvious routes I could have gone down with this theme but I wanted something strong and unexpected.

In order to achieve that goal some extra effort was required. I have always thought that there are few things more powerful than words, so eloquently put in the idiom "the pen is mightier than the sword". Having decided on the subject matter, I then needed to consider which words to use and how best to present them. Initially, I considered spelling out a word using vegetables, coffee beans or something similar but I was sure I could do better. And I was right.

So - why LOVE and HATE? Why a knife and fork? And how did I decide which word to put where?

The answer to the first question is simple - love and hate make the world go round. Two four-letter words which can incorporate the whole of the rest of the language. They're the most important emotions - we might not want to admit it, but they are. And at some point we have all felt the power of both, even if it was over something trivial like eating Marmite.

The answer to the second question is less straightforward. The pieces of cutlery, in their own way, have interesting forms and shapes. They're reflective which, on one hand, can be fantastic from a creative point of view, but on the other hand can be an absolute nightmare from a technical point of view, they're also simple and familiar.

But the most important consideration of all for me was which word to put on which piece of cutlery. Let me explain: LOVE was engraved on the fork, mainly because I love food, but also because I saw the tines of the fork as representing different types of love - separate, yet together. HATE was engraved on the knife because hatred is so blunt, cutting and deadly. It just had the strong impact I was looking for. Consider for a moment this image using spoons, would it be powerful?

I tend to find that the simpler the shot, the more thought and effort is needed. It was all worth it though, and I am happy with the concept and finished product.

Love & Hate
Love & Hate