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Project: Week 5 - Rustic

OK, I have managed to fall behind already, but rest assured I had taken shots - they were just ones I knew I could improve upon, so rather than posting images I was only half happy with, I re-shot them.

Sometimes, when I am putting together a project, I am brimming over with ideas and my creativity knows no bounds but then there are the dry spells, when nothing looks right, things don't work and generally nothing inspires me - I think part of this is due to my mental health issues, but then again it could  be curse of the artist :/

The idea for this shoot was already forming in my mind before I'd even turned the oven on, I just needed to pick up a few more things. I visited the local market and picked up a hessian sack I had seen the week before, knowing it would make a wonderful textured background. I bought a delicious home-made pie from the Farmers Market, made some chips, and arranged them on a plate. To complete the image I added a slice of bread, although looking back, I think a nice dollop of ketchup might have been a better option.

A rustic lunch dish
A rustic lunch dish