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Project: Week 9 - Spring

Wow, I can't believe how far behind I have fallen on this project. It's partly lack of motivation and inspiration but also the fact that I refuse to put anything up just for the sake of it. So I hope you appreciate the effort that goes into producing the images you see each week ;)

In order to catch up I am going to post three weeks in one go, although each one will still have its own post to save confusion, and to allow each to have its own story.

Anyway, spring has sprung and what better sign of that than lambs! Emma knew about a wonderful place close by - the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre. It is a centre for rare breeds and at lambing season the public are allowed to go in and meet (and stroke!) all the animals. The pregnant ewes are in two lambing pens waiting for their big moment and if you're very lucky, you might actually witness a birth. On the day we visited, there was just one newborn - the hours-old lamb was still learning how to stand and still trying to work out where its next meal was coming from.

The lambs were dutifully adorable and one in particular fulfilled its role perfectly, gambolling and bouncing around its mother much to my amusement. It reminded me of a new puppy desperate for attention. To be honest it was very easy to get cute pictures of the lambs, though getting good pictures was another issue.

So what, I hear you ask, has this image got to do with food? Well, let's just say I'm not a vegetarian :)

A Lamb Sleeping
A Lamb Sleeping