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Project: Week 17 - 20

Recently, I have had doubts as to whether or not to continue with this project. Not only has my motivation dissipated but I have also started to question the point of it.

I am sure all artists go through ups and downs and I guess the secret is to carry on and never give up! So, to get myself back on track, I put my head down and cracked on with a few concepts. I had previously shot two weeks' worth of images but I didn't like them - I knew I could do better but I wasn't able to get myself into the right headspace to improve them. I'll revisit these concepts at a later date as the ideas themselves are still good.

So with such a mountain to climb (a whole month's worth of images), I dropped the idea of trying to do clever but more time-consuming stuff and focused on what I consider to be decent, interesting images.


This concept has been milling around my head for a while and I wasn't sure where I was going with it. Overall, I like the way the image turned out, and the fact that I believe this could well be the future of nutritional meals makes me smile and shudder at the same time.

Here’s the finished image for Week 17.

Knife, Fork and Tablet
Knife, Fork and Tablet


This was a simple enough idea and one that has been sitting in my image bank for a while. What I really like about this shot is the pattern in the cabbage - the lines and shapes are just wonderful.

Here’s the finished image for Week 18.

Cabbage and Knife
Cabbage and Knife


Because I like food, finding stuff I hate was a bit tough! I don't like seafood and tomatoes don't like me, but one thing I truly can't stand and don't see the point of is Marmite! "Love it or hate it" is absolutely right and I definitely fall into the hate camp. To celebrate the Golden Jubilee, Marmite have produced a limited edition jar - Ma'amite (nice idea, shame about the content). I'm also not keen on seedy bread and fail to see the point of the Royal family, so this combination fitted my concept perfectly.

Here’s the finished image for Week 19.

Ma'amite and Seedy Bread
Ma'amite and Seedy Bread


I had a different idea for this shot of quail eggs but it didn't work as well as I'd hoped, so rather than give up, I played around with some ideas, designs and layouts until I found something which worked much better. Of course, there are many options I could have used for this particular topic, but I wanted to play with the notion of shapes within shapes within shapes - so here you have an oval within a circle within a rectangle. Initially, I was going photograph chocolate animal shapes, but while shopping I saw the interesting patterns on these eggs and chose to shoot them instead - I'm pleased I did.

Here’s the finished image for Week 20.

Quail Eggs
Quail Eggs

These projects are, by their very nature, pretty tough but one way YOU can help is by giving me some feedback, as well as some ideas and concepts to shoot. This would really help keep me motivated, and I do like to know how interesting you are finding the images.