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Project: Week 21 - Snack

This was too easy! Snacks, nibbles, munchies, whatever you call them, you're in my world now. When it comes to things you eat between meals, I have pretty much done them all.

I am quite partial to the odd snack or 3, in fact, Pringles count as one of my five a day! The hardest part of this theme was deciding what to photograph, if you recall back in my original52 project I photographed an Oreo, (MMMmmm Oreo's) and a variety of other sweets and candy. So I thought I would simply photograph what was in the cupboard - fingers crossed for a Mr Kipling apple pie, DOH!!! Only digestive biscuits.

Rather than trying to get clever and do something outrageous, I went for a nice and simple, 'come and get me' kind of shot. Sometimes simple really is best.

The best way to eat your Digestive is to dunk it in tea and eat it quickly due to the biscuit's tendency to disintegrate when wet. Did you know, in the UK alone, the annual sales of chocolate digestives total about £35 million. This means that each year, 71 million packets are sold - and each second 52 biscuits are consumed, that's not by me alone I hasten to add!

Here’s the finished image for Week 21.

Digestive Biscuit
Digestive Biscuit