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Project: Weeks 23 - 25

I'll be brutally honest, I'm just not into this 52 project and I'm finding it a real struggle to keep going. I use these projects to push, inspire and give me a reason to pick up my camera, but lately I have been finding it harder and harder. I have been debating with myself whether I should continue to spend time on the project or fold it, but when I think about quitting it leaves me with a bitter taste, so that tells me now is not the right time to ditch it :/


When I thought about "clean" as a topic I didn't really know where it would lead. Some general ideas have been floating around in my mind for a few days, as Michael (a talented photographer friend) kindly lent me his Army Surgical kit (for a different idea, not a change of career!) One thing led to another and several ideas started to meld into one. Inspired by the TV series Dexter and True Blood, I wanted to do something dark and edgy. The idea of making blood from corn syrup and creating blood spatter crossed my mind, but then so did the reality of having to clean it up afterwards! Control yourself, focus on the task in hand.

At the local butchers I hunted for an appropriate piece of meat. I had wanted a brain (cue The Wizard of Oz theme tune), but it seems you can only buy them in Spain! Instead I chose a suitable-looking kidney, went back home and started organising the layout. What implements would I use? Which plate looked best? How bright did I want the shot? You see, there is more to photography than point and shoot.

After a bit of exploratory surgery, I dived in, scalpel first. Here's the result:

Dexters Dinner
Dexters Dinner


The obvious choice for this theme was to go down the Chinese route and use Sweet and Sour sauce which, I won't lie, I did consider. However, the local supermarket had my idea of heaven - cakes on special offer! In this case, Lime and Pistachio cakes. I now know why there were on offer, but they were at least perfect for my theme, if not for my palate. I made the most of the colours and shapes, arranged the plate, found a suitable angle, and Click! A little bit of spongy heaven/hell, depending on your taste.

Sour Cakes
Sour Cakes


Not being a fish fan at all, this was a real challenge for me. I always look at them in the supermarket and fantasise about what amazingly creative things I could do with them but I've never taken the plunge and bought one. Until now! Only drawback was that once I got it home, I still didn't really have a clue what to do with it. It looked at me and I at it. After a while the smell of the sardine forced me to start working and this is the result. Say hello to my little friend :)