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I am SO pleased to be able to bring you all the great news that some of my images have recently appeared in the magazines The Source and Professional Imagemaker. Even better, one was chosen as the winner of the Westcott FOCUS on Imaging 2011 competition.

Krysalis Photography in print

The article below is a writeup of The Brighton Rock'ed shoot I organised in March and was published in The Source and Professional Imagemaker. It was written by the amazing Erika Szostak, who is also a fabulous photographer and new momma - a lady of many talents.

[pull_quote_right]'It's going to be exciting, it's going to be fun, it's going to be a bit of life.'  So said Ida in Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock.  The same could be said for Brighton Rock’ed, the local photo shoot inspired by the recently released film. Recently Dade’s casual suggestion for a photographers’ meet-up in Brighton morphed into visions of a full studio film set; he didn’t quite get there, but the little meet-up did turn into a full-blown operation with 34 photographers, 12 models, 4 hair and makeup artists, 3 marshalls, 1 costume stylist, 5 local shops, a whole gaggle of mods and scooters and several studios’ worth of camera kit. Based on the eponymous film’s settings and production values, the shooting schedule was divided into three genres: film noir, 1950s and 1960s, with all locations set up at various points along Madeira Drive.  The goal of the day was two-fold: to create images and just as importantly, to connect people.  Everyone involved donated their skills, time and gear as part of a collaborative effort to expand their portfolios and produce promotional images for the shops providing the props and costumes. Words By  Erika Szostak Photos By Andy WilsonLaura BrennanLee Tuckett PhotograhyErika Szostak/PhotoMadlyDarkdaughterDade Freeman and Dottiephotography[/pull_quote_right]

To read the full article, see source: HERE.

We are now looking at holding an exhibition of images from the Brighton Rock'ed Photoshoot at Add the Colour (a local Brighton spot for photographers), which will be a marvellous way to promote the individuals who were involved and give them some much deserved coverage. Not only that, but I'm working alongside other creatives to produce a community-based photography magazine which looks like a lot of fun!

Westcott's Winner

"Back in March 2011 one of the biggest shows happened in the UK – FOCUS on Imaging in Birmingham! This was the first year that Westcott attended and of course, we couldn’t go without bringing something amazing! So, we planned another shootout. We hired models, brought sets, makeup – EVERYTHING – to provide attendees with an experience they will never forget!

Our Winner

We had a record number of images submitted for the contest (750) and believe us when we say – it was a tough decision – but we came out in the end with a first place winner. And our winner is:"

Westcott Winner - Focus on Imaging

I had honestly forgotten all about this competition so to say I was surprised would be an understatement but what a wonderful surprise it was. I must say the models did an amazing job and remained professional throughout the day - I had the simple task of just taking the shot. I would like to thank Westcott for offering us all such a great opportunity and for making the day more rewarding. My image will now grace the cover of Westcott's catalogue. The full article about the Westcott competition is HERE.

Shutter Rock

On top of all the press coverage I have been getting of late, I am very involved in ShutterRock - this is a growing community of photographers helping other photographers learn, share and meet up. It is a warm and friendly environment, devoid of egos, kit envy and attitude (unless the attitude is chilled). Jaz Ampaw Farr and Gary Lashmar recently orchestrated a small promo shoot in Brighton which was great fun. A huge educational and social event is planned for November with some massive names booked to speak and share their knowledge to help move photography and attitudes into the 21st century.


I recently took part in a photographic "treasure hunt" organised by Fotothon. We were given nine 'clues' and then had five hours to scour Brighton and Hove for photographs fitting our own interpretations of each clue. There were no restrictions other than all original images had to be made between 12 noon and 12 midnight on 11 June 2011 within the city limits. I spent a challenging and interesting day with fellow photographers Tony Greco and Linda Johnstone - we walked around Brighton twisting our minds to try to find a creative approach. There was a big turnout for the event and I am now waiting to see how everyone else interpreted the clues.

The event was open to all photographers regardless of experience or kit owned. The images submitted for each clue are to be judged by Charlie Waite, a landscape photographer and author. Charlie's website boasts some awe-inspiring images.

One more thing...

...I have just finished revamping my website and branding, as you may have noticed. This design will enable my images to speak for themselves, as they now have full-screen previews, which is in line with my vision and direction, thanks to Dane Sander's Book