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Scott Kelby WorldWide Photowalk 2014

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

For the third year in a row, I decided to run the Brighton leg of the annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. Mind you, had I realised that Scott Kelby would be running the one in London in person, I might have changed my mind and joined his instead!

This year, there were 1,052 photowalks taking place around the world,  with a total of 20,065 participantsThe Brighton photowalk didn't reach its full potential of 50 walkers - 38 signed up this time. But on the day only 20 actually turned up, mainly due to the stormy forecast for the day (as luck would have it, the weather held and  there was just one shower during the two hours). On the one hand, I get the reluctance to go out in the rain, but on the other, this is England! You have to accept that the weather won't always be great, so instead embrace what it gives you. The stormy clouds add to flat boring skies, puddles are great for reflections and the wind adds movement to a scene - all these things can make for interesting shots. 

Brighton photowalk

Instead of walking the congested streets of Brighton, my plan for the group was to stroll along the seafront from Hove's Lagoon to Brighton's Palace Pier and find elements explaining why people like to be beside the seaside. Is it the colourful beach huts? The bracing British weather? The piers? The long stretches of sand? Oh, hang on, sorry, we're in Brighton so strike that last one! I had a few ideas about what I could do with my shots for this walk, but they meant carrying more gear and setting-up time, so I decided I would leave them for another time and focus on what I could capture along with the others in the group. It was a simple walk with plenty to photograph along the promenade, especially as there had been a fun run and costumed characters were out collecting for charity. It didn’t matter what camera gear anyone had, what style they shot or their level of experience, it was the taking part that mattered. Ben brought his daughter Chloe (aged 2) along with her Vtech Kidizoom, making her possibly the youngest ever photowalker!

Along the way, I did my best to answer any questions posed by the group. Even with a smaller group, people still got separated as they wandered off to photograph their own thing and a few more vanished when the heavens opened briefly. However, thanks to that shower, we managed to dive into a café where we got a chance to network and share stories, which is always nice.

It was a good walk and a great excuse to get out, take some shots, meet new people and test the weather-proofing of your gear. If you have never taken part in one of these walks, I recommend joining one in your area next year. In fact, why not set one up yourself in 2015? If you can't wait that long, you don't have to - organise an unofficial one, get some friends together and make an afternoon of it.

Whatever you do, just get out there and take shots - and never be put off by the weather forecast!

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