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The Abandoned Bride

Sometimes it's just good to get out and try things. Today was bound to be an interesting day one way or another.

It was early, still dark and I hadn't had much sleep, but these are the sacrifices we make. Speaking of sacrifices, we were off to shoot inside a disused morgue. It is quite some distance away so we needed to leave early (or so I had been told). After picking up two other photographers and a model, we headed out of Brighton towards our destination. My mind was racing with all the ideas I had visualised in preparing for the shoot. Disappointingly, our original plan for the day turned out not to be an option once we actually reached the morgue :(

So it was on to Plan B - always have a Plan B! We knew there was an abandoned manor house nearby, with lawns and a lake, both of which would be great locations for a bride to be wandering around. The British weather did its worst and the rain put paid to shooting in the grounds, so we were forced to shoot inside.

The opulent yet derelict nature of this building was quite sad really - in its heyday this must have been an amazing place. Our model was to play the part of a jilted bride, all alone in this wonderful location, abandoned like memories.

The three of us took turns in finding a location within the mansion, setting up the shot and working the room and model. I thought it was a wonderful collaboration and we each shot the scenes in our own way - no right or wrong, just different :)

When it came to the editing, I could have gone with making the pictures pretty, but the subject matter called for something dark, something different, lacking punch but having impact. On that basis, I chose Triste for my editing style - the word means "sad" in French and I think it fits perfectly with the subject and the location.

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