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The Costume Games

Let the games begin

Moshimo commissioned me to photograph The Costume Games at the Old Steine Gardens in Brighton this year. The Costume Games is a five day festival where the people get to dress up as their alter egos and parade around the city in character.

Focussed mainly on Cosplay (Costume Play), participants were encouraged to wear costumes that represented a specific character that they may be a fan of or look like. Comic book characters typically feature heavily at these events and you will usually find characters from popular movies such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Batman.

There were several flash mob events that taken place around the city, workshops available for costume creation and talks by eminent industry professionals. As for my role, I had set up a pop up studio (at The Werks) to photograph attendees on the day. I am happy to add that my photographs of the paper characters made the front page of The Argus newspaper.

Judge Dread

Of course, you can't have a games without a little competition. So later in the evening, a panel would decide who will be crowned The Costume Games champion. 

The panel of judges of The Costume Games were:
Graham Churchyard – Costume Effects Supervisor (The Dark Knight/Rises, Harry Potter and Guardians of The Galaxy)
Vin Burnham – Costume designer and maker (Batman, The Fifth Element, Lady Gaga)
Day Murch – Costume Fabricator and the one and only ‘Batsuit Wrangler’.
Adelaide Fillipe – Prosthetic Make-up Artist (Dracula Untold, 007-Spectre)

They had the immense task of deciding; The Best Costume / The Best Costume (under 18s) / The Most Creative Costume & The Judges Pick. Once that was taken care of, amongst the various prizes awarded the winners, they also received a special photoshoot with me. Rather than a simple portrait, this time I would be creating a high-end character portrait of them using Photoshop.

Below is a sample of the shots taken throughout the day, and the winners images I created later in Photoshop.

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