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The Dirty Dozen - part 1

You may recall at the beginning of the year I set out a challenge called The Dirty Dozen, where each month I set a theme and members needed to create an image based on or around said theme.

As with all these groups, they start off with high spirits and good intentions. However, as time goes on people tend to drift off, life gets in the way or they simply find it too tough and quit. At the start of the challenge there were 50 members, we are currently half-way through, and now down to 27 members with around 12 actually engaged and posted with regularity. Of those who are producing work though, there are some stellar shots and unique thinking, which is very encouraging.

I must admit, apart from supplying feedback to aid members to get the best from their shots, my images have been running late recently. This is mainly due to severe lack of motivation and a recent move, which has been a huge issue for me mentally and emotionally. Tereza has been a massive support and helped try to keep me on track and taken me around the coast, so I don't feel so out of place, which in-turn has helped inspire me in my current landscape quest.

In The Beginning

In the beginning, everything is black and white. Later, life sets the tone. 
This image was created by using the cleverly constructed MagMod system on my flashes. By using the grid I could easily control where the light hit and falloff. The added challenge was been both model(s) and photographer.


A Famous quote

Being a Star Wars fan this was an easy one. Using a large softbox, head on, created the white strip down the centre of Darth's helmet. Nothing too complicated with this one.

Make a statement

For this shot I went through various versions until I settled on an idea that I liked and worked together. Sugar is a major issue right now and the idea of it being a space invader was where this concept stemmed from. As I continued to play, the idea of Pacman came to me.

In Your dreams

What can I say?! I have always had a Superman complex. Taking on the iconic shot of Clark Kent tear open his shirt to reveal the Superman logo, my Superman is buried a little deeper, skin deep.

Behind the scenes

This shot demonstrates what sometimes goes in to creating the shots you see me produce. Especially where the toy photography is concerned. Simply snapping an action figure would be boring. But, lighting it well, giving it an action and creating some kind of story helps sell the image.

Replicate a master

A long time... I created a Vermeer image and I really liked the style, but that's as far as I ever took it. When this challenge came up, I was between a few Masters whose work I admire. But I opted for Vermeer as it is an interesting style that I thought I could do something new with. Being in Devon a scone seemed an obvious subject choice. It was then a case of creating a scene in the style of Vermeer. The Magmod grid was ideal for controlling the lighting :)