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The Dirty Dozen - part 2

You may remember half way through the year I posted my 'part 1' shots from this project - (HERE)Well, I have now finished the year-long challenge and here are the final six months worth of images.

Something Old, Something New

This shot was taken while exploring the wonderful location of St. Agnes Tin Mine in Devon. The Mine structure was impressive enough and just when I thought it was going to be 'just a nice day out' but nothing for this project, a paraglider appeared. I waited a while, watched his flight pattern, positioned myself and waited for the right moment, then clicked.

Something Old, Something New

Tell a story

Telling a story with a single frame is not an easy thing to do. In your head it is, just do this and put that there and voilà. However, when you look back at the image, is the intent obvious - if you're not sure ask someone not involved in the process and see if they understand the story you are trying to tell.

Tell A Story

Outside Your Comfort Zone

I have been working on my landscape photography a lot more since moving to Devon, it certainly has more pretty locations (if you know where to find them). This is a hidden gem called Venford Falls. As soon as my eyes saw the sight I knew I had to photograph it.

Outside Your Comfort Zone

Portrait of a stranger

I am not a fan of photographing the homeless for the sake of it, it just feels exploitative to me. However, doing it for a good cause, to raise the profile or highlight a plight then I'm all for it. The Big Issue got in touch and commissioned me to photograph Karl, a Big Issue seller of theirs. I spoke to Karl about my concept, and he immediately got it, and understood what I was trying to convey to the readers. I submitted the image and the company were very happy as was Karl, then even used four other shots.

Portrait of a Stranger

See the funny side

Let's face it who isn't addicted to box sets?! I loved watching Band of Brothers, (an American war drama based on interviews and journals from members of 'Easy' Company, a parachute regiment). The idea to create an homage to the series has sat in the back of my mind for a while. It wasn't until playing around with my Stormtrooper did I recall the idea of recreating the cover photo from Band of Brothers. I had several other ideas for this theme, but I am glad I settled on this, as the final result is quite pleasing, I think. I do hope you like my Band of Troopers - which by the way was created using just one Stormtrooper :)

Band of Brothers

Through child's eyes

As an adult, we often grow up and stop playing, but I find it really enjoyable perhaps even therapeutic. This project (and photography) has been a great excuse to start playing again. This particular model, a Stormtrooper / Samurai crossover, simply begged to be photographed. Putting various ideas into practice and trying different scenes led me to this shot. With just a few rocks and flour I had all I needed :)

Through Child's Eyes

Well that's the challenge over, and I can tell you that only a couple of the original 56 managed to completed the challenge on time. A few have only one image left to do, so no doubt will be finishing their challenge shortly. Thanks to all who taken part, it's been a fun ride.