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The Guild of Photographers and Me

The Guild of Professional Photographers

You spend your time alone, learning, experimenting, pushing yourself, and when you don't get the 'likes', 'comments' or 'shares' you think your work deserves, you feel hurt and cheated, especially when a video of a cat playing the piano gets over 1 million views!

The act of photography is simple, but the art - that is a whole different thing, and that is what I have been working on for quite a while now. I put in the effort to find the right subject and concept, produce my work and try to constantly improve my posing/lighting/editing techniques through various resources. And, when I am finally happy with an image, I release it in to the big wide world - to almost universal silence. I sit and wonder what went wrong.

So instead of thinking I am not worthy, I decided a long time back, that chasing the 'likes' and such were not conducive to my progress. I needed professional input and some proper peer feedback, that is why I decided to take the plunge and join an organisation which is moving in the right direction - not stuck in the past, nor promising everything and delivering nothing. After a fair bit of searching and researching, a solid recommendation from Linda Johnstone and speaking direct to Steven Thirsk at The Photography Show, I could clearly see that The Guild of Professional Photographers was the organisation for me. Since joining I have seen first-hand it is a very vibrant and active group with your needs at its heart.

As well as offering professional qualifications (which I will be looking in to shortly), another part of its program to help you progress is, the 'Image of the Month' competition - you submit your images and they are judged independently by a panel of professionals. I am extremely pleased to say that I submitted my first images and each won an award - Bronze, Silver and GOLD!

I heartedly recommend you join such an organisation, not only to aid you in your progress, but to also help keep you sane. 

I am very much looking forward to seeing where this part of my journey will take me. It's certainly off to a flying start. :)

Bronze Award
Silver Award
Gold Award

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.