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The Ultimate Photography Challenge

We all need inspiration, but more than that we all need a place to start, and that is the purpose of this challenge. I have participated in, and run, several photography challenges and noticed a few flaws in them, even my own. 

Firstly, with all the good intentions in the world people drop out, don't complete and fail to put in the effort. Secondly, they are either too hard or too easy. Thirdly, there is no actual learning built in - shoot something red, for example.

So with this in mind, I have set out to create something a little more challenging, engaging and hopefully something that will push you no matter where you are in photography. I have also removed the time aspect so you can develop at your own pace.

The idea behind this challenge is simple - start at the beginning of your current level and work your way through. If you are a beginner, then start at the first column and do each task in order as it is listed. If you are familiar with photography - semi-pro, amateur, etc then start at the second column (Intermediate) and again work your way through. And, if you are a pro, or just fancy pushing yourself, go to the Expert column and work through that list. The beauty of this system is you could be a beginner and steadily work your way through completing each column to the very end in just a few months if you applied yourself.

The way I have designed this challenge is that each column builds on itself and uses techniques learned in the other sections, this way you are always pushing your skills to the next level. Obviously, some of the tasks are more technical than others and might require a bit of research to complete. Whereas others might require gear you don't possess, in that case, buddy up with someone who has the gear and swap kit for a day, or problem solve - for example, a 50mm turned backwards and held in front of another lens such as an 85mm makes a super macro.

As there is no time limit, don't rush and cheat yourself. Work your way through and only move on once you feel you have successfully completed each challenge.

Ultimate Photography Challenge

As you can see from this sample of the Ultimate Photography Challenge there is plenty to keep you busy.

So why bother doing this?

  • It will offer you some direction and structure on your photography.
  • Due to the modular construction, you will be taking shots that build upon each other.  
  • You will learn about your gear, what works best and why.
  • It uses a variety of techniques and requires you to photograph all sorts of genres.
  • It will teach you aspects of photography you may have never considered.
  • Moreover because it makes you think... it WILL make you a better photographer!

If you would like to share your shots with others who are doing this challenge then please upload them to this group

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