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Resident Evil Inspired, Part 1

I had being dreaming of creating a Resident Evil-inspired shoot for some time, but the original plan to do it in January was thwarted by heavy snow and had to be postponed, until now. It was a very early start for the long drive to the (mostly secret) location and the temperature plummeted the further east we travelled. When we finally arrived at the disused brickworks in Dover, we found snow still on the ground, but we were all determined to carry on. Joining forces with Jason meant the workload could be shared, giving us the most efficient use of our time.  Laura and Dannii, our models, were all set to play the lead characters, each representing a different version of Alice (from Resident Evil). Over the past few months, we had put together all the constituent parts of two very different outfits - some of the clothing and props were generously lent to us by Michael - as we worked on getting the styling right. Ellie, one of Jason's contacts, was our make-up artist on this occasion. She worked away in the freezing cold like a true professional, giving the girls their very distinctive looks.

As much as I would have liked to have had zombies galore for this shoot, it was too much to ask given the distance to the location. Instead, Jason and I played both photographer and adversary, giving the girls someone to face off against (it gave us a chance to play dress up too :)

In Part 1, Laura played the role of post-apocalyptic Alice from Resident Evil: Extinction.

Model - Laura Nenonen Makeup / Hair - Ellie Nightingale Assistant Photographer - Jason Balchin Prop / Styling - Dade Freeman, Michael O'Rourke, Jason Balchin Location - Brickworks, Dover

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part 2 to come....