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Resident Evil Inspired, Part 2

Continuing with the remainder of the day's shoot, it's now Dannii's turn...

The role Dannii had was Alice from Resident Evil: Retribution, this film was more Sci-Fi style, imagine Matrix meets Tomb Raider. Dannii slipped into the tight figure hugging black latex outfit and donned her weapons of choice, once the stylist had finished crafting her look. Milla Jovovich who played the lead in the Resident Evil films has big ass-kicking boots to fill, and I think the models did a good job. Dannii had no issue getting into the role and in fact relished in it. It's the details that help make these shoots more plausible, so I needed the right kind of weaponry. I modified some toy guns to appear more dangerous looking than they really were, added some lights and hey presto!

Due to the natural light in the location being so poor we used off-camera flash to light the models and backdrops, and some coloured gels to add an element of interest. Different buildings were used to give each girl their own set to work with, and let them create their character.

I got the chance to play the role of a special forces soldier as Dannii and I faced off with each other, as we worked through fight scenes and poses. If the cold had not gotten the better of us we would have stayed much longer and produced a more refined set of images and story, but I am happy with what we have and sometimes you have to know when to call it a day.

I have created several themed photoshoots, the first being Brighton Rock’ed (two years ago), and I am looking to create more, so if you are a photographer, model or stylist and would like to be involved get in touch.

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This shoot couldn't have happened without the energy, commitment and professionalism from all involved, so thank you all for making this happen. Model - Dannii Lou Makeup / Hair - Ellie Nightingale Assistant Photographer - Jason Balchin Prop / Styling - Dade Freeman, Michael O'Rourke, Jason Balchin Location - Brickworks, Dover