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Touched by an angel

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”  I think this quote perfectly sums up my latest client, Carol Angel of Majestic Jewellery. Carol is a wonderfully creative jewellery designer who has recently moved back to Brighton and needed some product shots for her website (soon to be launched).  Carol had seen my website, really liked my style and approach and as a result wanted to meet with me. We met up a little while ago so that Carol could outline her plans and explain what she required - natural, impressive, strong images. A meeting is vital in order to know that you can get on with who you are working with and alongside. With Carol, I instantly saw it would work because we just clicked, we bounced ideas off each other and left feeling extremely positive about what was possible.

Between that meeting and the shoot, we exchanged several emails discussing how to develop the shoot - this is key, as it shows vision, interest and passion. Fast forward to last Sunday, the day of the shoot. Carol's models were expertly made up with natural shades by Emma Humphrey (a MAC make-up artist). Emma also joined us on the shoot to do "touch ups" and even became a model herself which was great because she has a very edgy look - an interesting contrast to the other ladies.

All the models exuded confidence and were very comfortable in front of the camera, which helped to make the shoot easygoing. We started off with some lovely shots at the Royal Pavilion. To get some diversity in the images, we also took some indoor shots and we finished the shoot at a Secret Garden in Preston Park, which provided some gorgeous backdrops. The ladies did a fantastic job and remained in high spirits throughout the session and Carol's organisation and lunch helped no end.

You can see the result of the day by clicking the slide-show below.