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CASS Sculpture Foundation

Even though the skies were grey and rain was drizzling, there was still a rainbow in my heart. For my birthday surprise, Emma (my flatmate) treated me to a feast for the eyes by taking me to CASS Sculpture Foundation in Goodwood.

After a bit of a drive we arrived, hoping the rain would hold off. Luckily, a combination of the tree cover and better weather than we'd expected meant the rain didn't dampen our spirits. Emma tried her best to educate me as we went around the sculptures in the park, reading out information from the guide, but no sooner would she start telling me about a sculpture, the sculptor and its price than I would spy another piece and head off to photograph and explore - it's not intentional, I'm just a mariposa (butterfly) ;)

We spent a couple of hours walking around the 26-acre grounds and inspecting the ever-changing display of 80 monumental sculptures, but I was particularly drawn to the darker stuff. 'Time Guards' was one such piece - it reminded me of the Ringwraiths or a coven of witches. The Janus Head was one of my favourites, as the illusion appears to show the outside of a face even though it's the inside.

They say if you have to ask the price you can't afford it, so just for fun we played 'How much do you think that is?' and my guesses were way off - prices ranged from £10k to £1.5m! All sculptures were available for sale with the proceeds going directly to artists.

A sunny summer's day would make the park an even lovelier place to visit and would bring some of the sculptures to life a little more. A huge thanks to Emma for sharing her time with me and giving me a birthday treat :)