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All about the details

Several people have asked me to follow up on my post about being second shooter and to share the kind of 'creative images' I take, so I have put together this short sample.

As second shooter (or, for that matter, main shooter), I love taking the detail shots. There are myriad little things that couples take hours choosing and arranging, but many of them can be completely overlooked by the guests and the photographer. Everyone likes to inject something of themselves into a wedding, whether it's the photographers eye, the designers talent or the couples flare, those small things say so much about who YOU are and what YOUR style is.

The wedding rings shot is my obvious favourite. I typically create three or four sets of images with them, so I can decide later what best fits during the edit. For example, I might arrange them on top of a champagne cork for set one, in the bouquet for set two, on the couple's hands for set three and something more creative and individual for set four. This not only makes sure that I continue to be creative but gives me and the main shooter more to work with in the edit.

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Overall, I think it is important to have fun and try to catch those off-beat moments. When people don't think the camera is on them, you can capture genuine smiles, laughter and silliness. That's not to say you cannot create those moments - any good photographer can. As long as you are keeping yourself and everyone else safe, there is no limit to the kind of images you can create. If you are not particularly creative or you're unsure what to do, keep an eye on current trends such as the Harlem Shake, Planking and Hadouken. These memes/fads might be short-lived but they allow for some great interaction and are very popular.

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Images taken are from weddings with Photomadly, LightTrickPhotography and Krysalis Photography