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Wedding Workshops

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.

In my previous post I mentioned the fact you need to invest time and money improving yourself and skills, to that end I recently attended 2 workshops to ensure I'm offering the best I can to my clients. I have invested heavily in several training courses, one of which was free and only cost an evening and willingness to listen. This was a workshop held by the amazing Lisa Devlin at the Eclectia Gallery on Brighton's Marina. Lisa shared her beginnings when she used to photograph celebrities like PJ and Duncan (AKA Ant & Dec - the early years) to where she is today and her current direction within wedding photography. Her presentation was engaging and polished, a real sign of a professional and master educator. As she spoke, I furiously scribbled notes whilst being awed by her images on-screen, she really knows her craft and I came away feeling much more assured and energized. Lisa will soon be running a longer wedding workshop called THE FARM - I wont give away the plan, instead click the link for details, but I do encourage you attend if you can.

My next workshop meant a VERY early start for a 200 mile journey to Nottingham to be inspired by Crash Taylor. Having recently been with Crash I knew the investment would be worth every penny, so when the opportunity arose to sign up I did it without hesitation. Crash Taylor is one of the leading UK wedding photographers and has a fantastic eye for details, light and composition - he just gets it. Having worked full-time in the industry for 5 years he has very quickly become a powerhouse in photography and a market leader. Crash puts some of his success down to understanding marketing (part of his background) which he has capitalised on to create his brand and style and enabled him to form solid bonds with his clients and local businesses.

Model - Krysalis Photography

We spent the first half of the session going through bullet points on business and the processes to consider, broke for a lovely lunch spread, and then the second half was hands on, out on the streets, with models dressed as brides and a groom. Crash used his contacts with a local business - the Little White Dress bridal shop in Nottingham to very kindly supply 2 stunning dresses for this shoot and Crash supplied the models. When I go out on a shoot, I want to walk away with one 'WOW' image and I am pleased to say I got more than that. Leonie Manners is a beautiful model (who recently won Next Top Model contest) and when in the right light, drops into her poses and BLAM! You better have your camera ready - luckily I did! Really, it was hard to take a bad shot. Crash demonstrated how to look for light and locations and the rest was up to us.

Model - Krysalis Photography

The other models on the shoot for the day were Lexx Van Steen a male model who graciously played the part of the groom, while Andrea Hajdinova took on the role of another bride, one with edge and attitude to give contrast. As we walked the streets we looked for areas of interest and got try to try various techniques and scenarios but ultimately learnt how to have fun with the camera, use a reflector and spot the light.

Model - Krysalis Photography