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I'd been putting Stephen Cotterell off with a whole range of excuses ever since he asked me early last year to be the guest on one of his Photography 121 podcasts. Finally though, I felt I had something worth saying to his 5000+ listeners, so I caved in and had the privilege of being interviewed yesterday.

Stephen Cotterell, for those who don't know, is a much-loved figure in the photography community and has a rapidly growing listenership to his podcasts. He has a way of connecting with people that is special and unique. Stephen is an NLP practitioner and initially this made me quite wary of him (as I had used NLP myself in the past), but after several long talks I realised there is nothing 'evil' in his intent - very much the opposite.

Stephen has recorded some wonderful conversations with a plethora of skilled photographers and I have listened to each one, noting that similar experiences, opinions and fears crop up over and over again. This made me wonder if I could contribute anything that hadn't been said before or would be worth listening to, and I was determined that until I felt comfortable with myself and my photography, no conversation would be recorded. However, I realised that if I could help even one person by speaking and sharing my experiences then it would be worth it. Having heard the recording, I'm still not sure that I did have anything worth saying after all, but that is not for me to judge ;)

I must say that Stephen made the whole process very easy, interesting and thought-provoking. I had tried to imagine every kind of question I might face but of course, in the event, he asked all the questions I hadn't imagined, which made me think harder and question my responses.

We talked about various aspects of my photographic journey so far and the possible future that is in store for me, but rather than give that away here, I invite you to listen to it yourself by clicking this link --> PODCAST

If you found the podcast interesting or have been affected by any of the content, please leave a comment below :)