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Working as a commercial photographer

Commercial photography for business use 

One of my less talked about strings to my bow, is my creative commercial photography. I have architectural clients who often request I photograph plots of land or remnants of a building to use on their CGIs. Sometimes I am hired to showcase the interiors of a new build. You have more than likely seen my work in various magazines, on billboards or online and not even known it, that's because my commercial work is about the client and their needs.

More often than not, while on these projects, I am also employed to capture the surrounding landscape and more importantly, lifestyle shots of the area; the people, culture, food, transport etc. Which as you can imagine is exciting and challenging as the shots are as you see - no set ups, no models and sometimes time consuming. But always worthwhile.

Getting the shot

This does of course mean I need to plan, research and be patient for the right person or moment to occur, and then be ready to capture it. This is part of the challenge, and when it happens, it's magic.

Being a professional photographer, I utilise my knowledge, experience, a range of cameras, lenses and apps to get the best for my clients. After all, if you are hiring me to get a particular shot, excuses won't cut it. Even though I am based in Brighton, Sussex, I work all over the world. 

Below is just a small selection of national and international work I have carried out on various different projects for an assortment of clients. But hopefully you will get an idea of the kind of commercial work I produce.

No matter what your needs; product photography, location based shoots, architectural photography, corporate or stock images, I am confident I will satisfy your requirements. With my hourly rate at £175, my half-day rate at £385 and my day rate at just £700, there is no excuse for using random stock images anymore.

If you are interested in commissioning me as a commercial photographer, or require a written quotation, please get in touch HERE.

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.