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Working with a professional model

In order to give my group (The Brighton Photographers Group) a challenge and something interesting to point their cameras at, I talked to Jon Gray about holding a small workshop on producing commercial portrait images with a fashion edge. He knew who would be perfect for this role, Fiona York. Fiona worked her angles, brought enthusiasm to the set and ensured everyone got an image they were happy with. Being a portrait photographer, this worked out perfect for me.

Jon and I set up the studio ready for the attendees, then over the course of 3 hours talked through setups, lighting and poses while everyone took turns to photograph Fiona.

The challenge when taking a portrait or headshot, is being able to bring something extra out in the model. One technique, is to utilise a prop. I had taken along some goggles for just this purpose, and while photographing Fiona I encouraged her to 'rock' the poses for me. I think you will agree her look is very strong and career guaranteed.

Thank you Fiona for allowing me to create some stunning portraits. 

Thanks as always to the Brighton Media Centre and The Flash Centre

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer producing portraits and headshots for actors, musicians, corporate business and other professional industries.