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I have now added a wrestler to my growing character portraits project, thanks to Ed Gamester.

Ed put himself and his trust in me to see what I could create on our photoshoot. Ed is actually quite a character, with a very large skill-set, as his day job consists of being a writer / stunt person / musician / wrestler. The character he would portray on this occasion was his Mexican Wrestler persona - El Nordico Fuego, from Lucha Britannia.

As the shoot progressed we chatted about all sorts of things, what he likes/dislikes, what he gets up to on a daily basis and his aims for the future, all very deep stuff. There were also a few giggles along the way as his 'heavy metal' playlist would suddenly play something random like, somewhere over the rainbow, but it all just added to shoot.

For Ed, I wanted to create a range of shots he could use for promotional material for his website and events.

Not having all the lights at my disposal, meant working a little smarter to create the look I wanted, which I think I pulled off. The lighting on this set was 2x Elinchrom 500 BRX heads (courtesy of The Flash Centre), a reflector and a range of modifiers.

Working with Ed was very enjoyable and I can see this young man has a bright future ahead of him, so I would urge anyone needing a wrestling-writer-stunt-musician to snap him up :)

I am still on the look out for other characters. So if you know anyone suitable point them my way. 

Dade Freeman is a Brighton photographer creating portraits and fine art images for commercial and personal use.