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Camera Basics

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Everyone has to start somewhere, and I know that a new camera can be daunting. Even if you are familiar with your camera moving away from basic 'Auto' settings can seem quite scary and confusing. That is why this course is ideal for beginners and amateurs alike.

With me by your side, walking you through and explaining each function and why you would use different settings for particular situations, it will all start to make more sense. Not only will you leave a more confident photographer but your photography will instantly improve.

This is the perfect photography course for anyone who wants to take creative control over their camera.

Topics covered:

  • Camera handling

  • Exposure

  • Aperture

  • Shutter

  • ISO

  • Camera modes: Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority & Manual

  • Metering

  • RAW vs JPEG

  • White Balance

  • Composition

The workshop will be both theory and practical based, as I believe you learn by doing. You will witness first-hand 'aha' moments as the course goes on and the knowledge starts to sink in.

What to expect:

I will be your instructor throughout, versed in many forms of photography. As it is 1-2-1 you will have my full attention and able to move at your pace. As with any course, notes are provided, but I find it useful to take your own notes in your own words as this often helps later.

Equipment needs:

You do not need any previous knowledge about photography, we will cover it step-by-step so that you understand the process. For the more versed photographer, we can move through the work quicker to enable you to get to your goal.

You will need to have your camera, a fully charged battery, and an empty memory card. A pen and paper or note taking device would be advisable too.

What's included:

Course notes are supplied.
Refreshments are available, both indoors and outside.
Follow-up Emails - to answer those questions you may have forgotten to ask.

Location and Duration:

To offer you the best opportunity to learn I will be operating from my home studio, where everything you will want and need is at hand and when necessary we will use the city centre of Nottingham and surrounding areas.

The course is designed to last for four hours (half a day), meaning there is no rush and you can learn at your own pace.


Booking is simple, click the button below and send through the details of your experience, camera-make and model, the days you are available for training and any specific requirements you have.

The all-important question - What does it cost?
My prices are £99 for weekday training and £150 for weekends - my aim is to keep it affordable and make it a worthwhile investment in your photographic future.

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