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Photoshop Training

At a Glance


I am sure everyone has heard of Photoshop, it is the industry standard. Knowing how to use Photoshop well, will separate you and your work from others instantly.

At first glance Photoshop makes you gasp, but with some training, it will all make much more sense and before you know it you will be whizzing around the interface like a pro.

Why do need Photoshop if you have Lightroom? Because it allows you to do some much more! Once you learn the power of layers, masks, dodging & burning and so much more that Photoshop offers, you will understand how you can take your photos from good to great.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding Photoshop

  • Using the interface

  • Curves and Levels

  • Using layers and masks

  • Tools and how they work

  • Plug-ins, Filters and Actions

  • Sharpening and noise control

  • Presets

  • Saving for the Web and other sources

What to expect:

I will be your instructor throughout, versed in many forms of photography. As it is 1-2-1 you will have my full attention and able to move at your pace. As with any course, notes are provided, but I find it useful to take your own notes in your own words as this often helps later.

Equipment needs:

You do not need any previous knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. 
You will require a computer or laptop and power cable.
A version of Adobe Photoshop.
Pen and paper for note taking.

What's included:

Course notes are supplied.
Refreshments are available.
Follow-up Emails - to answer those questions you may have forgotten to ask.

Location and Duration:

To offer you the best opportunity to learn I will be operating from my Nottingham home studio.

The course is designed to last for four hours (half a day), meaning there is no rush and you can learn at your own pace.


Booking is simple, click the button below and send through the details of your experience, Photoshop version and the days you are available for training.

The all-important question - What does it cost?
My prices are £99 for weekday training and £150 for weekends - I aim to keep it affordable and a worthwhile investment in your photographic future.

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